Thursday, 18 October 2012

Bright Marketing Launched On Kindle - hits #1 spot!!!

My book Bright Marketing has been published on Kindle this week and has created quite a stir by selling shed loads (or in this case the gigabyte load??). It is a great opportunity for you to get one of my books for a bargain price. It is usually a £10 book and is currently being sold for just £1.29.

Buy it Here

If you are not familiar with Bright Marketing, it is one of the most popular books that I have released. It is all about improving your business' marketing and increasing sales. It is full exercises that are easy to implement and work through with your sales/marketing team or on your own. You can find a full description here I have no idea how long this low price will last, but I suspect it will not last too long. All thought, comments and RTs appreciated. Robert 

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