Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Making Banks and Bankers Better

Here's an interview with Rob Brown - Rob B interviewing Robert C - asking my opinion on how banks could do better.


or view the article at Rob's site Business Building for Bankers

In this interview, you’ll discover:

  • The 3 key things your banking customers want from a good business banking service and how you can provide them.
  • The main reasons customers are disloyal to their banks.
  • That the less you ‘sell’, the more people buy.
  • The skills business bankers are particularly impressive at.
  • The opportunities banks miss – how you can take advantage of SME growth areas .
  • Why some business customers will be willing to pay a premium for a better service.
  • Why banks may need to adopt a Gold, Silver and Bronze approach to providing business services.
  • How you can progress from transactional dealings to focusing on creating valuable client relationships.
  • How bankers can play a bigger role in the local business community – a win-win situation.
  • The ‘not a number’ approach to client relationships that will win you new business.

Rob Brown says "Robert's valuable insights will help you recognise that there is a huge amount of untapped potential in the small-medium business sector and show you how to make the most of these available opportunities."


Mike Davis said...

This is a a fair interview. I expected it to be more controversial in some senses - your views are clear and the focus on the opportunites that bankers have creates a real sense of energy. Thanks for the red hot ginger. While some might think you are being critical it is clear that actually you are quite rightly challenging us to do even better.

Thank you

Robert Craven said...

The intention is not to wind up but to provide a constructive dialogue. Thanks for your observations

Guest said...

I think that more people in the banking industry should listen to this. Nothing that we don't know about already. All very reasonable form the customer's point of view.

Msavage said...

This is a very interesting interview, not least because Craven actually understands the two sides of the coin. Maybe three sides.

1) He is a bank customer and has been for a number of years.
2) He has trained up bankers
3) He is someone who works with the banks now to help interface with thier clients.
This may be a unique position.

My point: Listen to what he has to say. Do not defend or poo poo his point of view. It is more than just a little but relevant and valid.

Sharon Lister said...

This is a fair description of the audio.
Yes there are huge opportunities that bankers need to take on board despite their background systems and processes. What Craven does is highlight how we can deliver even better value for our customers (and our shareholders).

EvaJ said...

Enjoyed the interview. Can't believe that bankers are ingnoring this basic stuff. Why do you think that is?